Speech Therapy South Coast

It can be overwhelming looking for quality and affordable speech therapy in the South Coast. Luckily, we got you covered!

Lifelong Therapy Services is a new private practice offering in person and online speech therapy in the South Coast, and in other locations across the country. Our mission is to keep our clients motivated and provide their families, caregivers, and other loved ones with support throughout the entire process. We have 3 main steps in achieving this, namely:

#1 An in-depth evaluation of needs, preferences, and goals.

#2 Development of an effective and holistic treatment plan based off of the evaluation.

#3 Regular sessions that build towards achieving the end goal.


What can you expect?

Considering us for speech therapy in the South Coast? You and your loved ones can expect gentle guidance, carefully individualized treatment plans, and consistent efforts to build a foundation of trust and security.

Every session is handled with undivided attention and utmost importance. We make sure that not only do our clients feel comfortable enough to be themselves, but we also want them to take their time as they progress. Speech therapy can be a daunting and sensitive process especially for first timers, so we make sure not to rush or pressure our clients.

We utilize family-centered strategies throughout our treatment plans. By including the people closest to our clients, we believe that they can further benefit and maximize what they gain from therapy, and apply it to their meaningful relationships in their everyday life.

Services we provide:

Our services are open to children, young adolescents, and adults. The comprehensive assessment that we start each journey with is to not only help us get to know our clients and their loved ones, but also to better understand which service, or combination of services, is best for their situation. We have never believed in offering a “one size fits all” treatment strategy, so we make sure to personalized and pattern our plans according to each client.

  • Speech sound delays and disorders: Difficulty verbalizing sounds or even a group of sounds in later stages is considered having speech sound delay. Sometimes this can further progress to a pattern of sound errors or perhaps making unusual sounds as one talks, which may be considered a speech disorder.
  • Fluency and stuttering: There are three main aspects of fluency, namely flow, speed, and rhythm. When these are consistently interrupted while speaking, this is considered a fluency disorder. Two of the most common types are stuttering and constantly repeating part of whole of a phrase.
  • Play and social skills: Speech therapy can help alleviate the difficulty that both children and adults living with disabilities may experience in social situations. A few factors we highlight during these sessions are being able to respectfully hold a conversation, being able to focus on the topic at hand, being able to display a fitting body language, and so much more.
  • Receptive and expressive language skills: Regular speech therapy can aid clients in expressing their thoughts and needs - an everyday task that can be especially difficult for some. Similarly, it can also pose as a challenge for them to understand and comprehend language they hear and read. These skills can be targeted through our speech therapy in South Coast Australia, and other locations.
  • Literacy skills: Reading and writing are two important skills that we target at Lifelong Therapy Services. We assist clients in developing the foundations needed to develop literacy skills from phonemic identification to blending and segmenting. At Lifelong Therapy Services we are trained in the Sounds Write Program, an outstanding phonics program that covers literacy at all levels.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Those who live with ASD can struggle with communication and interacting within social situations. This can affect their relationships, careers, education, and more. We devise personalized treatment plans to assist those with ASD to achieve their goals and help them live happier everyday lives full of meaningful relationships and confidence in themselves.
  • Adult speech and language difficulties in relation to medical circumstances: Struggling with communication can come after having been through a traumatic experience such as a brain injury, stroke, or other serious medical conditions. Speech therapy can only help as much as the neurological state of the client allows, but even in small and subtle ways, it has shown to alleviate some symptoms and slowly help with recovery.

Speech Therapy South Coast

Where we service:

Lifelong Therapy Services is based along the majestic south coast of New South Wales, specifically in Kiama. We offer face-to-face speech therapy in the south coast, among other locations such as:

For clients who do not live near the above locations, we also offer teleheath appointments across Australia.

We aim to continue providing quality and affordable speech therapy in the South Coast as we strive to expand out team throughout both the west and east coasts as well. Reach out to us today to find out if we are coming to a town near you!

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Lifelong Therapy Services is a registered NDIS provider. Our sessions of speech therapy in the South Coast, and all our other locations, are accomplished in a space that each of our clients feels the most comfortable in. We are open to holding sessions within their homes, schools, daycare centers, or even at their offices. We find that by doing so, it gives them more peace of mind, lessens anxiety, and helps them learn the necessary skills for that day with ease.

We look forward to working with the many people that play important roles in our client’s life, as they are an integral part in the therapeutic journey. We make sure to provide helpful tools, information, and strategies to support the holistic treatment, thus giving our clients the best chance at achieving their goals.