Speech Therapy Kiama

If you have been searching for face to face or online speech therapy, Kiama has a great clinic for you!

Here at Lifelong Therapy Services, we strive to make our clients feel empowered and supported. We also find it important to include their families, teachers, or caregivers, as we unpack our client’s struggles, plan out an effective treatment, and one day attain their goals.


What can you expect?

By availing of our speech therapy in Kiama or at any of our other convenient locations, we assure you and your loved ones will be thoroughly guided throughout the entire process: from personal assessment, to devising a personalized treatment plan, and finally to developing a good foundation of trust and protection.

We understand the challenges each client is facing, which are why we make it a point to never pressure him or her throughout their sessions. We find it is most beneficial to work at their own comfortable pace and allow them to progress as they see fit.

We instill family-centered practices through our personalized treatment plans in order to target the inner most challenges. This method greatly helps our clients benefit during our sessions and more importantly, in their daily life by applying their learning to their significant connections and healthy relationships.

What sets us apart?

We strongly believe that is greatly benefits our clients to have their families, loved ones, teachers, and caregivers as part of their speech therapy journey. We gladly welcome them into the treatment plan and make certain that they fully understand the multiple ways they can support and motivate our clients so as to maximize their efforts along the way.

As this benefit being one of our core values, you can be certain that every treatment plan for speech therapy in Kiama with one our counselors will be committed to fully educate families, teachers, significant others, and caregivers, and guide them in strengthening the skills needed to support their loved one all the way.

Services we provide:

Both adults and children can avail of our services. We start off every journey with a thorough conversation with our clients and their loved ones, and then we proceed to personalize their chosen services based on their specific situation and preferences. Here at Life Long Therapy Services, we do not believe in providing a universal treatment plan as everyone’s circumstances is different.

Speech Therapy Kiama

Speech therapy is a sensitive process with numerous levels and comes with the possibility of multiple issues to be addressed. In order to devise the best combination of services that make up the entire treatment plan, we ensure an in-depth evaluation before starting the process with both our clients and their respective families.

  • Speech sound delays and disorders: Speech Sound Delay can exhibit in how someone articulates, and when they find it a challenge to speak out certain sounds or a group of sounds. Some symptoms may be common and other can be rare, which would then lead to further studies and may be classified as a specific kind of speech sound disorder.
  • Fluency and stuttering: Many types of fluency disorders can be prevalent, such as stuttering. This kind of disorder takes into account the flow, rhythm, and speed of how a person talks. Repetition of words or phrases is also a typical symptom.
  • Play and social skills: We offer a holistic approach to speech therapy and understand the importance for individuals to develop their social skills. There are numerous skills than be developed to ease their everyday experience such as learning to take turns during conversations, being able to keep track of the topic, exhibiting the right body language, and much more.
  • Receptive and expressive language skills: Both children and adults can often have trouble expressing their needs and wants or understanding language. By accessing our speech therapy services in Kiama, clients can develop the skill set needed to both express themselves effectively and to understand and comprehend concepts and ideas, both written and seen.
  • Literacy skills: Reading and writing are two important skills that we target at Lifelong Therapy Services. We assist clients in developing the foundations needed to develop literacy skills from phonemic identification to blending and segmenting. At Lifelong Therapy Services we are trained in the Sounds Write Program, an outstanding phonics program that covers literacy at all levels.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Individuals diagnosed with ASD may present with a range of difficulties that can be target with Speech Therapy services. These may include but are not limited to being able to express oneself, understanding and retaining language/information, engaging in social situations and understanding emotions.
  • Adult speech and language difficulties in relation to medical circumstances: Sometimes, a person’s medical history can cause them to develop a speech disorder, one of the most common being a stroke. Therapy can only do so much depending on the neurological state of the patient, but regular sessions can still help ease the lasting effects.

Where we service:

We are based right here in Kiama, We provide face-to-face speech therapy in Wollongong, Illawarra, Gerringong, and other cities within the South Coast and Shoalhaven Regions. For clients living elsewhere, we also offer telehealth appointments across the country.

We aim to provide valuable speech therapy in Kiama as we continue to expand our team of experienced speech therapists across the west and east coasts.

Wondering if we are coming to a town near you? Feel free to get in touch with us!

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Lifelong Therapy Services is a registered NDIS provider. Our sessions of speech therapy in Kiama and in our other locations, are done in an environment that our clients favors, whether its in their home, school, or workplace.

We are also happy to work with the families and other significant loved ones playing an important role in our client’s life. This guarantees the best tools and methods of support are properly taught to them. With this important step instilled within all our treatment plans, our clients are sure to experience a more individualized, holistic, and life-changing approach as they work towards improving their overall wellbeing and reach their goals.