Speech Therapy Illawarra

Have you been searching for reliable speech therapy? Illawarra has now got a new private practice!

Our mission in Lifelong Therapy Services is to support and motivate individuals and their families, teachers, or caregivers, as we all work together in evaluating the client’s challenges, developing an effective strategy, and eventually build towards achieving their goals.


What can you expect?

If you are considering in person or online speech therapy in Illawarra, we guarantee you nothing short of gentle guidance, a personalized treatment plan, and a sturdy foundation built on trust and security. We handle every step of the therapeutic process with utmost importance and undivided attention, which is why we never rush or pressure our clients as they progress - we opt to work at a pace they are most comfortable in and allow them to move forward only when they are ready.

Providing individualized and comprehensive therapy using family-centered methods is a firm belief that we instill throughout our sessions. By catering to the root cause of every challenge, not only do our clients benefit during our sessions, but they can also apply it to everyday life and to each of their significant connections.

What sets us apart?

We welcome the families, loved ones, teachers, and caregivers of each of our clients. By having them part of the therapy process, their significant others can better understand the many ways to support and uplift our clients. We are confident that this further maximizes the efforts our clients set out and continue to give as they progress.

With this in mind, you can be sure to avail of speech therapy in Illawarra from counselors that dedicate the necessary time and attention to fully educate families, teachers, significant others, and caregivers, and guide them in honing the right skills to support their loved one’s therapy journey.

Services we provide:

We offer the following services to both adults and children. Once we have fully evaluated and spoken with our clients, we adjust the flow of their chosen service according to their specific needs and preferences. Never should you have to settle for a “one size fits all” treatment plan with Lifelong Therapy Services.

Speech Therapy Illawarra

The process of speech therapy has many levels to it with differing issues that need to be addressed, which is why we offer an in-depth evaluation with both our clients and their loved ones before starting the process. This way, we can together decide the best options, or combination of options, for the client.

  • Speech sound delays and disorders: When a client finds it challenging to speak out a particular sound or group of sounds, this is considered a Speech Sound Delay. This can manifest in both articulation and phonetics. If their conditions are rare, these may then be considered as other kinds of speech sound disorders.
  • Fluency and stuttering: Disorders involving fluency are quite common and involve the flow, rhythm, and speed of one’s speech. A widely known example of a fluency disorder is stuttering, wherein one’s way of talking is consistently interrupted. Repeating words or phrases are also typical symptoms.
  • Play and social skills: As part of our holistic treatment method, we address the difficulty individuals may have engaging in social situations. We aim to develop skills like taking turns when having a conversation, focusing to stay on topic, appropriate body language, and a lot more.
  • Receptive and expressive language skills: We can all experience difficulty expressing or understanding/comprehending others sometimes, but for some this can be more difficult or requires more support to achieve. Through offering our speech therapy in Illawarra, we can better help clients interact within society.
  • Literacy skills: At Lifelong Therapy Services we assist clients in developing the building blocks needed to develop their reading and writing skills. This includes phonemic identification, blending and segmenting sounds. At Lifelong Therapy Services we are trained in the Sounds Write Program, an outstanding phonics program that covers literacy at all levels.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Individuals diagnosed with ASD may have more difficulty communicating and developing social skills and understanding emotions, which can affect their home, school, and work lives. At Lifelong Therapy we can support individuals communicate effectively and build relationships within the community through functional therapy.
  • Adult speech and language difficulties in relation to medical circumstances: A stroke, a traumatic brain injury, aphasia, dysarthria, or dysphagia can all lead to struggles in communication. How effective therapy would rely on the current state of the individual, but speech therapy can generally aid in easing the effects of the situation.

Where we service:

Lifelong Therapy Services is based in Kiama, on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales. We provide face-to-face speech therapy in Wollongong, Illawarra, GerringongSouth Coast and other cities within the Shoalhaven Regions.

We also offer telehealth appointments for clients situated all across Australia.

Our mission is to continue on offering quality speech therapy in Illawarra while expanding our team of highly trained speech therapists throughout both the west and east coasts. If you want to find out if we are coming to a town near you, feel free to get in touch with us!

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Lifelong Therapy Services is a registered NDIS provider. We make sure that every single session we offer of speech therapy in Illawarra (and all our other locations) is completed within the setting that best suits our clients. This may be the comfort of his or her homes, within their schools or daycare centers, or even at their workplace.

We take pride in also working with parents, teachers, caregivers, relatives, and other significant loved ones who all play an important role in our client’s life. This way, we can guarantee that the best tools, education, and methods of support can be properly passed on to the necessary individuals. By including this important step into all of our holistic treatment plans, our clients can have a more personalized and thorough approach, giving them the best chance at improving and reaching their goals.