Speech Therapy Gerringong

Your options for private practices offering face to face & online speech therapy in Gerringong just got better!

Here at Lifelong Therapy Services, we keep our client’s end goal in mind and their journey close to heart. By motivating and supporting our clients through the use of comprehensive assessments, personalized treatment plans, and providing a secure space, we are confident that each session will be filled with empowerment and peace of mind.


What can you expect?

Our clients taking speech therapy in Gerringong or in any of our other locations can expect:

  • Gentle guidance and undivided attention.
  • A holistic and personalized treatment plan.
  • A safe and secure environment to be vulnerable and learn.
  • Trust, privacy, and utmost respect.
  • The inclusion of families, caregivers, and other significant loved ones in the entire journey.

We are also very particular about how comfortable and stress-free the sessions we provide our clients are, which is why we work at a pace most comfortable for them, preventing risk of feeling pressured and overwhelmed.

Our holistic and individualized methods utilize family-centered practices. This means that our clients can bring their learnings and growth out of our therapy sessions and into their every day lives, applying to each of their meaningful relationships.

What sets us apart?

We highly encourage our client’s families, caregivers, teachers, and other people who play a significant role in their life to come together and join us in their speech therapy journey. We believe that through the inclusion of these meaningful relationships, our clients can further maximize and utilize what they have acquired from their sessions. It is also important that those closest to them are taught the right set of skills, are given the necessary tools, and are properly briefed on how they can support their loved on going through speech therapy.

With this being one of our core values, you can be sure to avail of speech therapy in Gerringong that is fully committed to providing a holistic journey for everyone from beginning till we meet our common goals.

Services we provide:

Our clients range from children, young adolescents, and even adults. After careful evaluation, we adjust each service option according to the specific needs and wants of our clients. We never offer a “universal” treatment plan as we recognize the importance to have each session patterned after each client.

Speech Therapy Gerringong

Many different kinds of issues, conditions, and factors are addressed in speech therapy, which is why there are many levels to the journey. Through our step-by-step assessment with both our clients and their loved ones, only then can we all conclude the best services, or combination of services, for the client.

  • Speech sound delays and disorders: Struggling to voice out a specific sound or even a group of sounds is considered speech sound delay disorder. Both phonetics and the articulation are affected with this condition. Depending on the rarity of the situation, the client’s specific speech sound delay symptoms may be classified under different disorders.
  • Fluency and stuttering: Stuttering is one of the most common and well-known type of fluency disorder. This condition affects the flow, rhythm, and speed of the one’s speech. Another common is example is when a client constantly repeats words or phrases, finding it a challenge to get to the end of the sentence.
  • Play and social skills: We strive to aid our clients in developing the skills needed to make their daily interactions easier, such as taking conversational speaking, staying on topic, displaying proper body language, along with learning to establish and build friendships in the playground and so much more. In our service we can help our clients develop the skills to build relationships in the community, workplace and at home.
  • Receptive and expressive language skills: Another hurdle living with a speech impediment may offer is having a hard time expressing and understanding language. Our speech therapy in Gerringong can help clients better overcome the struggles of putting language together into sentences and use correct grammar along with being able to comprehend language they both hear and see.
  • Literacy skills: Literacy is an important skill that we target at Lifelong Therapy Services. We assist clients in developing the fundamentals needed to develop their reading and writing skills from phonemic identification to blending and segmenting. At Lifelong Therapy Services we are trained in the Sounds Write Program, an outstanding phonics program that covers literacy at all levels.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): At Lifelong Therapy Services we provide supports to those diagnosed with ASD. For some individuals with ASD difficulties with communication and social skills can present. Through speech therapy at Lifelong Therapy, we can work on the difficulties individuals face and ensure that they are able to communicate in the most funcational way possible.
  • Adult speech and language difficulties in relation to medical circumstances: Medical circumstances such as a stroke or brain injury can greatly affect one’s speech. Therapy can greatly aid in easing the effects, depending on the severity of the situation. Our highly trained therapist can also aid in finding alternative ways to communicate the best help the client express.

Where we service:

Lifelong Therapy Services is based in Kiama, along the great south coast of New South Wales. Our face-to-face speech therapy in Gerringong, South CoastWollongong, Illawarra region and Shoalhaven region is readily available.

Clients outside these service areas can opt for telehealth appointments instead as we offer this service all across Australia.

A primary objective of ours is providing quality speech therapy in Gerringong as we set out to expand across the west and east coasts. Contact us today and find out if we are servicing a town near you!

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Life Long Therapy Services is a registered NDIS provider. Our sessions of speech therapy in Gerringong are all situated in an environment where our clients feel most comfortable and secure. We are more than happy to complete the sessions within homes, schools or daycares.

Working with the families, mentors, caregivers, teachers, and those who play important roles in our client’s life is important to us. We set out to provide them with the best tools, ample information, and support strategies. All these and more help our clients experience a more holistic and effective treatment plan that will help them reach their goals.